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User Service Agreement
1 - Parties
1.1: Aerotek Bilişim Sanayi ve Ticaret AŞ, which provides the services specified in the services section of this contract (referred to as Services). (Referred to as PrienteCloud) and the person/institution specified with the details specified in the New customer registration section (referred to as Customer) using the website operating at http://www.PrienteCloud.com belonging to PrienteCloud (referred to as Site) and The services to be purchased through this site will be deemed to have been signed with the terms and conditions specified below.

1.2: The parties declare, accept and undertake the accuracy of the information written in this agreement.

2 - Subject
2.1: 2.1: This agreement will regulate the parts that the customer is allowed to do or not to do in line with the information he has given in the registration process in his transactions, orders and messages sent on the site, the fees he will pay to PrienteCloud in return for the services he will receive in accordance with his preferences in his orders, and the rights and obligations of the parties arising from the service relationship. . These service and transaction disclosures are as follows.

2.2: Membership information is the information entered by the customer during membership. Since this information will be used as the basis for the transactions made, it is assumed that the customer and the member have entered this information completely and accurately, without any errors.

2.3: PrienteCloud, during registration, purchase or similar transactions; email, mobile phone, etc. to make notifications, send newsletters, or enforce security protocols such as account confirmation. may require the sharing of contact information and may request that this information be approved by methods such as a verification code, and may require these approval processes in order to use the services.

2.4: PrienteCloud may send notifications or newsletters about its services using the contact information shared by the user during registration.

3 - Responsibilities
3.1: PrienteCloud will provide the services submitted as an order upon the customer's request. With the order acceptance message, PrienteCloud will acknowledge that it has collected the relevant fee and undertake to provide the service specified in the order in question.

3.2: PrienteCloud will notify the customer of the fees to be paid according to their monthly or annual payment preferences, stating the payment method and the total amount to be deducted during the order with VAT differences.

3.3: The service will start after order acceptance and transaction approval. The responsibility for the relevant accounts and passwords is the customer's responsibility, and the customer will be responsible for any damage or loss that may arise from these issues.

3.4: The Customer undertakes to comply with the statements and warnings received by PrienteCloud within the service received. The Customer declares, accepts and undertakes to comply with any warning or notification issued by PrienteCloud while using the hosting account. The customer cannot distribute or sell to third parties the services provided to him free of charge or unlimited in the possession service he has received, either for a fee or free of charge and/or limited or unlimited.

3.5: All live support calls, support requests, e-mails, telephone, written and verbal communications between the Customer and PrienteCloud are private and confidential. It cannot be shared without PrienteCloud's permission and approval.

3.6: The customer undertakes not to access files or programs that do not have access rights by using the software and programs it owns within the service, not to create any problems due to such a problem, and to cover the damages in case of problems and problems that may arise.

3.7: The customer accepts and undertakes that he/she will be responsible for any taxes, duties and similar obligations that are in force during the use of the domain name, hosting or services received or that will come into force during the contract.

3.8: The customer accepts and undertakes to bear all legal and criminal liability that may arise from the illegality of such data, information and statements, and that he/she is responsible for all files, documents and programs contained within the customer service, and all transactions that will be used and benefited from the website and e-mail services. It does. Any problems that may arise in this regard cannot be reported to PrienteCloud. PrienteCloud does not review pages before they are posted, nor does it verify, endorse or otherwise take responsibility for user-created pages. PrienteCloud may terminate user accounts for violating these guidelines or for any other reason or because PrienteCloud believes that it is harmful to its business or the business of any of its users. PrienteCloud has the right to delete illegal acts and actions without notifying the customer as soon as it becomes aware of them.

3.9: PrienteCloud is not responsible for any material or moral damages that may arise from the content of customer data contained in the service it provides, the incorrect / malicious use of these contents, and the e-mail data sent and received.